These are the Preliminary sessions presented on SEF 2022. This page will be updated continuously.

Keynote 1 – Naomi Moneypenny Microsoft HQ USA
All you need to know about Viva, and what you can expect to be released in 2022

Keynote 2 – Dan Holme, Microsoft USA (By Video Link from Hawaii)
Yammer is your best friend – Dan will show you why

Keynote 3 – Mark Kashman, Microsoft USA (By Video Link from Seattle)
Embracing hybrid work across Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Lists, and more Abstract: Organizations are going hybrid – to support the needs of remote and onsite employees. In this move, technology can help support and promote a culture of inclusivity and engagement, while being secure, reliable, and compliant. Mark will share more on how people work together fluidly across multiple content types with the latest innovations across Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Lists, and more. Lots to see and learn for users, BDMs, and IT Pros

Keynote 4 Elin Hernborg & Daniel Sörlöv, Microsoft Sweden
Aftermath: The Cloud after Schrems ll
On 16th of July 2020 case C-311/18 was decided in the European court of justice. The case is for most people more known as Schrems II. For organizations throughout Europe this was a pivotal moment still impacting processes and decisions today and forcing many to re-evaluate their stance in information protection and privacy. In this session we will deep dive into the regulatory compliance journey from a Microsoft perspective, bringing our experiences and lessons learned exclusively to SEF2022. We will also look briefly into how others have addressed the new challenges and requirements by using tools from Microsoft. Join us for this fast paced, but to the point, view on privacy and compliance.

A Beginners Guide to Creating Custom Connectors for Power Apps and Power Automate – Eric Shupps, MVP, BinaryWay US
The Microsoft Power Platform provides a tremendous amount of native functionality, enhanced by premium and third-party connectors. But sometimes that’s just not enough to get the job done. You need something specific, a plugin that does exactly what the business needs without complex backend configuration, confusing expression syntax or additional per-user cost. In this step-by-step tutorial you will learn how to create a custom connector from scratch, construct an API definition, deploy it to the cloud and make it available to users throughout your tenant so they can easily drop it into their forms and flows. As an added bonus, you’ll also learn valuable tips and tricks for scaling out your custom connectors for enterprise, ISV and multi-tenant scenarios. (Developer, Introduction)

Power Up: Scaling, Securing, Managing and Publishing Power Platform Custom Connectors – Eric Shupps, MVP, Binaryway US
So you’ve built a custom connector for Power Platform, now what? It’s time to take it to the next level and commercialize your solution. But to get there, you need proper infrastructure, monitoring, security, operations management, and – most importantly – you have to get your connector published. Learn how to make all the pieces fit together using Azure API Management, Function Apps, Application Insights, Front Door, DevOps, and more. Plus, take a guided tour through the ins and outs of the publishing process and how to avoid common mistakes that can lead to failed submissions. Everything you need to know in order to take your Power Platform solutions from concept to reality. (Developer, Medium)

Power Platform – an overview and examples of what you can achieve – Gustaf Westerlund, MVP CRM-Konsulterna
The Power Platform has great capabilities for being one of the most central components for any organizations digitalization journey. What does Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, Data verse, AI Builder actually do and what do they mean? And maybe most importantly, what value can it give your organization? (Business Decision Makers, Introduction)

Power Platform Center of excellence – Gustaf Westerlund MVP CRM-Konsulterna
What is the Power Platform Center of Excellence? How can we help the business move from business critical excel sheets to a more structured data storage, with high level of security control. The Center of Excellence starter kit and processes for handling this will help you out. Come and understand why your company should do this and how it is a lot better than the business critical excel sheets. (IT Pro, Medium)

Developing Teams Solutions with Viva Connections – Derek Cash-Peterson, Principal Architect SharePoint, Sympraxis Consulting USA
Are you curious about what’s new with Viva Connections? Have you investigated what is provided out of the box and you’re left wanting MORE? In this introductory session, we will explore the extensibility model for Viva Connections. We will talk about why you would want to extend the Viva experience and what you need to get started. In addition, we will explore the technical components of creating your first extension for Viva Connections. You will walk away with a better understanding of when and why you would want to extend the Viva experience and how to get started at your organization. (Developer, Introduction)

Creating Custom Applications in Teams Using the SharePoint Framework – Derek Cash-Peterson Principal Architect SharePoint, Sympraxis Consulting USA
Teams is a powerful collaboration tool, the SharePoint Framework is a powerful development framework. Learn how to create a SharePoint Framework WebPart and have it be usable in Teams. Create a Teams aware WebPart and see a real world example of reading and writing data to SharePoint through Teams. Users will learn how to create a SharePoint framework web part that can run in a Teams Tab, learn how to access Teams data, and work with other Office 365 tools (Developer, Medium).

Governance Planning for Viva Connections – Best Practices for Intranet GovernanceSusan Hanley Susan Hanley LLC USA
Viva Connections gives you the opportunity to bring your modern, intelligent intranet into the apps and devices your employees already use every day – like Microsoft Teams. But have you planned your intranet with governance in mind? What are the best ways to get started and to ensure that your intranet – delivered in Teams or in the browser – provides a sustainable, useful, and usable experience for everyone in the organization? This session will help you plan and deliver a governance framework for your intranet in Viva Connections – with practical advice, tips and best practices, and content to help you get started! (Business Decision Makers, Medium)

Viva Connections: Bring your intranet to the next level – Susan Hanley Susan Hanley LLC USA
The COVID pandemic brought the importance of connection to the forefront of every organization – and in many cases, raised the profile of the intranet as a key aspect of employee digital experience. This session explains how Viva Connections can help bring your intranet to the next level from an engagement, value, and outcomes perspective. Learn practical steps that you should think about to take advantage of Viva Connections and create an experience that supports every employee with personalized news and resources to do their best work. (Business Decision Makers, Medium)

Unified governance for Power Apps, Power Automate and Power BI with Doctor flow and Isa – Serge luca MVP and Isabelle Van Campenhoudt MVP, Belgium
In this session, Isabelle Van Campenhoudt (Data Platform MVP) and Doctor Flow (aka Serge Luca- Business Application MVP) will illustrate their proposal for a unified pragmatic Power Platform governance and adoption plan combining Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI. Even though Power BI and the Power Platform apps creation tools are different, the governance and adoption challenges remain the same. Conceptually, when it comes to self-service BI and citizen developers, the classical centralized governance approach does not fit the needs of flexibility required by the business. The presenters will detail the benefit of having a single polymorphic approach where the concrete associated actions can be product-specific. Many elements of this governance have been experimented on the field by Isabelle during the last 5 years for Power BI and during the last 4 years for Power Automate and Power Apps by Doctor Flow. (IT Pro, Medium)

Enterprise development with Power Automate and Doctor Flow : lessons learned in 2021. Be ready for 2022 – Serge luca MVP, and Isabelle Van Campenhoudt MVP Belgium
In this session, Doctor flow aka “Serge Luca”, will illustrate how to use Power Automate in mission-critical applications. Some architectural patterns learned on the field and the limitation of the tool will be described. The best practices for combining Power Automate and the rest of the Power Platform will also be covered. This session is extensively based on demos. Attendees are supposed to have used Power Automate before. (IT Pro, Advanced)

How do you enable Anywhere working utilising Teams and M365Claes Söderström H&M Solution Architect
Today the pandemic has created proof for how well Anywhere working actually works. What are your thoughts about Anywhere working and how mature are your WoW with Teams/365 platform and even more important the overall mindset on how your staff should work – Measure on time (9-5) or delivery? (Business Decision Makers, Medium)

What are Frontline subscriptions in M365, and why use them?- CA Callahan rMVP, CallahanTech US
“Are you responsible for your organization’s Microsoft Enterprise subscriptions? Ever worry that you’re paying too much in licensing? Do you have users who only consume content, but never create it? Users that don’t need desktop copies of Office, or don’t use most of the features available in their subscription? Then this session might be for you. Come discover what Enterprise Frontline subscriptions are all about. They may have more capabilities than you think, especially once you understand their purpose. Find out if Frontline would be a better fit for your users, and avoid giving them licenses that are over-powered, and over-priced for their needs. (Business Decision Makers, Introduction)

Blir en mästare på att konvertera Excel till MS Lists – Lise Rasmussen Microsoft Sweden
Lär dig att importera en Excel fil till appen MS Lists. Sen snyggar vi till listan med de nya formatterings möjligheterna som finns i MS Lists och lägger till smarta funktioner som påminnelser och regler. (Power User, Advanced)

Arkivera Teams och Dokument – Lise Rasmussen Microsoft Sweden
Den här lösningen visar hur man kan flytta specifika dokument ut ur ett Teams team till ett dedikerat dokumentarkiv när man arkiverar teamet. En lite komplexare lösning som både flyttar filer och sen automatiskt arkiverar teamet i Teams. Produkter i lösningen: Azure, Teams, SharePoint, Power Apps, Power Automate. (IT Pro, Advanced)

Employee Experience with Viva – People at the center and functionalities in the flow of work – Linus Nyholm Microsoft Sweden
Transforming the employee experience has become a top of mind area for many organizations. An Employee Experience Platform is a digital platform that puts people at the center by bringing together systems of work with systems of support into an integrated employee experience, and it provides people with the resources and support they need to succeed and thrive, no matter their location. It also needs to provide an open and extensible platform that is customizable and works with your existing systems and tools. That’s why we built Microsoft Viva. Viva brings together communications, insights, knowledge, and learning within the flow of everyday work and collaboration, in Microsoft Teams In this session we will go through what Viva is, what it can help you with, and how it fits together. (Business Decision Makers, Medium)

Employee Experience – Unlocking Knowledge & Expertise with Viva Topics and SharePoint Syntex – Linus Nyholm Microsoft Sweden
How can you leverage AI for content management? How can you make sure that subject matter experts can become visible and share information to the organization? How do you access this knowledge and content in the flow of work? Empower employees to find answers, experts, and connect with others in their organization and beyond. Get to know Viva Topics and SharePoint Syntex and their roles in the Employee Experience platform from Microsoft. In this session we will demo the setup and use-cases of Viva Topics and SharePoint Syntex. (IT Pro, Advanced)

Employee Experience – Skilling and Growth with Viva Learning – Linus Nyholm Microsoft Sweden
How can you manage skilling and onboarding? How can you share knowledge to your Team and colleagues? How can you access learning in the flow of work? Enable ability to discover, share, and recommend from various content sources, and enable business leaders to drive a culture of learning through empowered time management and coaching. Get to know Viva Learning and its role in the Employee Experience platform from Microsoft. In this session we will demo the setup and use-cases of Viva learning. (IT Pro, Advanced)

The Principles of Retention in Microsoft 365 and What to Know before you start! – Joanne Klein MVP NexNovus Consulting US
There’s only 4 of them, but they’re important. Really important. This session will talk about why it’s essential for Records Managers and Information Management teams to have an authoritative understanding of the principles of retention. Understanding the principles of retention is an important prerequisite to a holistic Information Governance/Records Management design and implementation; however, there are a few important things to understand before you start! In this session, I’ll share what they are! The principles inform the retention and deletion processes and actions taken on each piece of content ensuring you are deleting content when you no longer need/require it and retaining content for as long as you are required to meet your corporate governance requirements and legal, business, and regulatory obligations. (IT Pro, Medium)

A Primer on Retention Scopes inside Microsoft 365 – Joanne Klein MVP NexNovus Consulting US
This session will explain the concept of “scoping” retention policies and labels inside Microsoft 365 and how the new Adaptive scope feature can help your organization intelligently scale to meet your retention requirements. Understanding this capability is key to your overall Information Governance and Records Management program design and implementation. To demonstrate the capability, I’ll walk thru several use-cases and will highlight other technology dependencies to be aware of before you start down this path. (IT Pro, Medium)

Does Information Architecture Matter Anymore? – Marc D Anderson MVP Sympraxis Consulting USA
With all the machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) available in Microsoft 365 these days, do we still need to think about information architecture? Can automation fulfill the promise of reducing the load on information architects and developers? In this session, we’re review some of the better practices for constructing a powerful information architecture and why it still matters. We’ll look at real-world examples and talk about what automation can and can’t do for you. Technology is evolving quickly, so expect to see a few tidbits you don’t expect, as well as a healthy doses of reality. (Power User, Medium)

SharePoint Framework (SPFx) for the JavaScript Developer – Marc D Anderson MVP Sympraxis Consulting USA
JavaScript is no longer considered an inferior development method (really!); it’s an integral part of the development landscape for modern SharePoint and other Office 365 applications. If you have existing JavaScript solutions holding you back from moving to modern SharePoint, you can migrate them into SPFx Web Parts, extensions, or even to Microsoft Teams. We’ll look at how to: • Get started with SPFx • Understand the development tool chain • See why TypeScript makes JavaScript better • Understand REST calls to SharePoint and the Microsoft Graph • Migrate an existing JavaScript-based solution to SPFx (Developer, Medium)

When to Use What: Choosing the Right Tool for Multiple Business Process and/or Automation NeedsMike Fitzmaurice
Power Automate is a great fit for many automation problems. But there’s more than one kind of automation problem, and some business process solutions require more than just automation. Some automation problems need transaction support. Others need to manage content. Some involve data harvesting. Or systems administration. Or data synchronization. Different use cases need different types of tools. There’s also a whole class of applications that focus on much more than automated activity, factoring in roles, assets, user interfaces, security, task logistics, strategy and tactics, and more. We’ll talk about that, too. This session is all about making sure you use a hammer to pound nails and a screwdriver to twist bolts; we’ll mention some third-party offerings in addition to Microsoft-delivered tech, but we won’t play favorites. (Power User, Medium)

Stages and State Machines: The Best Way to Model and Manage Workflows – Mike Fitzmaurice Workflow Expert Skybow USA
If you have Power Platform Premium licensing you may have heard of Business Process Flows; they’re the Power Automate implementation of stage/state machine logic. SharePoint Designer 2013 supported it, as do offerings by ISVs like WEBCON and Nintex. This session will start by explaining how stage-based designs and processes work, move on to why they’re often far better than classic sequential processes, and conclude with examples of how to build and run such solutions. It’s the most useful workflow “secret” you can possibly learn. (Developer, Introduction)

Lessons with the PnP PowerShell – Todd Klindt MVP Sympraxis Consulting US
We all know and love the PnP PowerShell. But a tool is only as good as the worker using it. In this session Todd will show you some useful scenarios where he has used the PnP PowerShell to tame SharePoint and Microsoft 365. He’ll also show you how he figured it out. Giving you the fish and teaching you how to fish for your self, this session has it all. (IT Pro, Advanced)

SharePoint Online Migration Tales from the Trenches – Todd Klindt MVP Sympraxis Consulting US
Business Forms can be customized with PowerApps, and Microsoft Flow can be used to send approvals.  How do the two work together?  In this session, learn how to make the most of the functionalities in the two products, to build a streamlined and standard process.  A business form and the method of building a streamlined workflow and interface will be demonstrated.  Skills demonstrated include building a parent-child relationship in PowerApps, and an approval interface, as well as creating approval workflows with Microsoft Flow. (IT Pro, Medium)

Have you been hacked? Was it preventable? – Hasain Alshakarti MVP Truesec
What happens when a threat actor gets a foothold in Office 365. Understanding the threat actor tactics, techniques, and procedures is essential for an effective detection, prevention and response. We will share the most common TTP’s from previous incident response engagements and discuss suitable preventions and detections strategies. (IT Pro, Medium)

Printing Methods in Power Apps & Flows – Laura Rogers MVP IW Mentor US
When building business solutions with Power Apps and Power Automate, do you have business requirements that entail printing? In this session, you’ll learn three different methods, with varying levels of complexity, and the pros and cons of each. There is a Print function in Power Apps, and there are also ways that printing, and printing to PDF can be achieved in flows. You’ll see demonstrations of all of these methods, so that when it’s time to decide, you’ll know the best path do go down for each solution that you build. (Power User, Medium)

Things I learned on accessibility building a Fluent Design framework for everyone – Stefan Bauer MVP N8D Germany
Fluent Design is great. It also comes with a couple of downsides., with only one downside. It only supports one a couple of predefined Frameworks and is not for everyone. When I started to create a Framework that speaks the same design language, the first and foremost goal was to create it with accessibility first. Join me in this session where I search my lessons learned with you to help you bring better accessibility on the web, test it and provide a great user experience for everyone. This session will cover what I’ve learned on accessibility, tools and useful resource. To get everyone started building better accessible solutions on the web. (Developer, Medium)

Style your intranet with a style guide – Stefan Bauer MVP N8D Germany
Customisations in SPFx and Microsoft can be time-consuming. Wireframe applications such as Figma or Adobe XD can give a good impression of the overall look but not the feel. No one will ever create documentation on the design of applications. What if you can sketch, build and document everything to speed up your development later for the Microsoft 365 Ecosystem. Learn in this session what a style guide is and how a style guide improves your development workflow and make documentation of the UI/UX a no-brainer. It will also help to work with designers and developers better together. The tools for that might be already near you. (Web Designer/Developer, Medium)

Power BI and Kimball demystified – Isabelle Van Campenhoudt MVP -SQL Belgium
This session will demystify the major Kimball modelling techniques and give their interpretation in Power BI: After the stars diagram and the basic optimization, some use cases to illustrate concepts such as Roleplaying dimension, SCD’s, Junk Dimension, etc etc (Developer, Medium)

How to choose between SharePoint lists, SQL Azure, CDS/Microsoft Dataverse – Isabelle Van Campenhoudt MVP -SQL Belgium
In this session, Serge Luca, aka Doctor Flow (Business Application MVP), and Isabelle Van Campenhoudt (Data Platform MVP) will propose different criteria and pros and cons of using each of these data storage & databases. (Business Decision Makers, Medium)

M365 for Dummies – Göran Husman rMVP HumanData
Det är inte lätt för vanliga användare och beslutsfattare förstå vad som ingår i MS 365. Inte blir det lättare då nya funktioner och uppdateringar släpps i princip varje vecka. Alla har förstått att SharePoint och MS Teams är det man ska jobba med, men vad finns det mer? Använder din organisation idag Dropbox, Confluence, Google G-Suite, Trello, Slack, Zoom, Miro med flera? Då kan du ersätta alla dessa med M365: Det blir billigare, avsevärt säkrare och mycket bättre kontroll, inte minst av GDPR skäl. Göran reder ut begreppen så  du får argumenten du behöver (Business Decision Makers, Introduktion)

Smartare DokumenthanteringGöran Husman rMVP HumanData
I denna session visar Göran smarta dokumentfunktioner för både SharePoint och Teams, t ex hur du skapar globalt mallbibliotek för Office filer, tagga I stället för foldrar, skillnaden mellan olika typer av taggar (List Column, Site Column, Managed Metadata). Koppla dokbibliotek till en preview web part, Dela filer utan att tillåta nedladdning, Statistik över med använda dok, smarta funktioner i OneDrive och mer därtill (Power Users, Medium)

Microsoft and the hybrid Workplace – Malin Dandenell Microsoft Sweden
How do we work in a hybrid world? How do Microsoft Sweden support this challenge for its own employhees. How does our products support a World where our people work from anywhere and where the secuyrity threat is getting larger by the hour? Learnings from Covid and Post-Covid and a peak at what we focus on right now. (Business Decision Makers, Medium)

Enabling Information Security & Compliance in the CloudElin Hernborg & Daniel Sörlöv Microsoft Sweden
As regulations and internal compliance is in the increase for all businesses costs are increasing and workloads are soaring. It can be a real struggle to keep on budget, on target and manually follow up. Automation and user-friendliness is key, from the policy to execution. During this interactive session we will discuss information security architecture and configuration. By implementing technical controls in order to establish visibility, control and guidance for users within the organization you can automate processes and improve your overall information security posture. Continuous automation and control gives the organization a powerful way of constantly having a real time view of information compliance stance, updated every day, minute by minute. No more monthly reports to compile, no more follow-up meetings to make sure controls were actually implemented. During the session we will cover products from E5 Compliance, Purview and Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps – creating a holistic architecture connecting the dots. (For All, Introduction)

Securing a hybrid environment – Mikael Nyström MVP TrueSec

Power BI – Pontus Haglund

Erfarenheter att bygga intranät på standardfunktioner – Åhlens

Our Journey towards a Digital Workplace – Jorun Åkerberg & Nina Martelleur, Lantmännen
In this session we will share how the organization Lantmännen set up the program for our Work Smarter approach, what parallel projects we created for new Intranet and Change & Adoption for our digital tools in Office 365. We will also describe our Ambassadors program & User support, and share how we managed to stay cool on a rocky road: Challenges on the way & OOTB vs customizations. This is only the beginning…
Governance on a daily basis, and our continued journey: MS highway providing future benefits, Viva and beyond. Read more about our journey:
(Business Decision Makers & IT Pro, Introduction)

Hur bygger man online kurser för vanliga användare – Angelica, Moderskeppet

Erfarenheter av Eventful – TBD

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