SEF är planerad till oktober 2021, vi återkommer med exakta datum.

På grund av den rådande situationen med Covid-19 har vi flyttat datumet för SEF till oktober i höst. Ni kan fortfarande anmäla er via länken nedan.

SEF 2021

Finally, its time to book your seat at SEF – Come and celebrate our first on-site event since the pandemic. This is Sweden’s premier Microsoft 365 conference that for 2 full days focuses on the business benefit and gives you concrete tips on how to get the maximum out of your Microsoft 365 investment: SEF addresses several sessions, more efficient MS Team, smarter intranets with new Home and Hub sites, and how to protect and classify information with Azure Information Protection. An exciting news story is “Project Cortex,” which MS US will tell you more about. You also get the opportunity to understand what the “Cloud-Act” really means, as well as see several case studies, such as seeing how the City of Stockholm uses MS Teams for its schools, how a large international clothing company gets its users to use MS Teams efficiently and much more . As all years earlier, SEF 2021 will gather the top experts from the USA, Europe and of course Sweden.

Date: October 2021 (exact date will come later)
Location: Lustikulla Konferens,  Stockholm, Sweden
Ticket Price: 6995 SEK

Göran Husman
HumanData AB

HumanData and Göran Husman is the founder and organizer of SEF since 2003. For more information go to HumanDatas homepage:

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